Complete AP Service

Full support for sending and receiving any Peppol-supported document on the Peppol network.

Built-in Document Validation

ion-AP automatically validates any document you send for compliance to the Peppol requirements.

Easy Maintenance

Check the status of your transactions, or any of your customers’, at any time, with full access to all relevant log messages.


Create additional users so that your end-users can integrate their systems safely.

Easy Integration

Full REST API with web-hooks and email triggers.

Easy integration

ion-AP takes an API-first approach, but does provide a web interface for interactive direct use. You can see what’s going on for all of your or your customer’s transactions, and have access to all relevant system logs.

Certified Access Point

ion-AP has been certified by Peppol and CEF for AS4 conformance.

Easy integration

ion-AP takes an API-first approach, so all of ion-AP’s features are available through the API. There’s an OpenAPI specification, a redoc page with documentation, and the API is fully browsable